My 21st

Growing up makes you realised that the very first person wishing you happy birthday doesn't always the person that loves you the most. It makes you remember how a small lie can lead to biggest mistakes in your life. How all small things can always makes you be happy or sad. It makes you value your relationship more than your ego. Not to say, to learn from every single moments.
And most of all, knowing that only Allah will be your everything through bad or good moments. Only Him knows every secrets in our life, protecting us, always be there anytime anywhere. Giving chance yet we always end up ruin the chance given.
So much mistakes. But I will move on. In any circumstances, I have that faith. That only me and Him knew. How much I have my faith on Him. Yeah I have sins a lot. I feel ashamed every time I raise my hand and pray, ask for everything yet I'm not doing anything. But at this stage of life, you know only Him will always , always, always, making ways for you, ease you, listen to you. Every single dreams are getting very beautiful just because we knew He will make ways. He is there, watching. And here I am, learning to be better.
May Allah bless my way, always. Aminn ya rab :)

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